Ten Perks Kids with Autism Get from Bullying: The Honest Version

So Autism Daily Newscast continues their trend of fucking up spectacularly.  This time they published an article by an ABA practitioner (aka professional bully) about all the benefits of Autistic kids being bullied.  I guess it makes sense that an ABA practitioner would write something like this, they do need to defend their livelihood, right?

Anyway, here’s my more honest version of the article.

1. Promoting Autism Friendly Programs: Discrimination leads to social justice! Be thankful for Autistic peoples’ rights being violated because it gives them the experience of fighting for basic human respect and dignity. Similarly, black people should be thankful for slavery, Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration and continuous violence from law enforcement. Without that good old discrimination they wouldn’t have a civil rights movement. GO BIGOTRY AND INTOLERANCE!
2. Team Work: Your child being abused will allow you, the parent, to build a better relationship with school staff. Because after all, you’re the important one in this story.
3. Autism Awareness Every Month: Thanks to the constant abuse they face people will now be *aware* that Autistic people exist.  Maybe this will lead to the elimination of the tragic Autism.  Because remember, when there are no more Autistic people there will be no more Autistic people being bullied.
4. Kids Learn Skills: If Autistic people are constantly being abused because of the way they communicate they will eventually start to communicate like normal, real people.
5. Builds Strength: Autistic kids will eventually learn to fight back against their tormentors. Then they will be punished while the bullies get off scot-free.
6. More Friendships: Constant harassment will somehow lead to Autistic people having more friends. Because everyone wants to be friends with the weird kid who keeps getting the ever loving shit beat out of them. That’s definitely how it works.
7. Overall Well-Being: Excessive bullying will force teachers to meet an Autistic child’s needs. Or take part in the bullying themselves. Yeah, probably the second one.
8. Healthy Relationships: Your child will have PTSD and massive trust issues.
9. Increased Life Skills: PTSD makes Autistic people more normal.
10. Self Esteem: Bullying will make your kid stronger. That’s how PTSD works, right?

Ten Perks Kids with Autism Get from Bullying: The Honest Version